Add cello or fiddle to your original music!

Want strings on your album but don't know where to start? I've recorded for artists such as Elephant Revival, The Sun Parade, and Rick Taylor, and have over 15 years experience doing session work. 

Please have a listen to some samples below, and contact me if you would like a quote for your project.

​I can improvise lines or read your composition, and guarantee you will be happy with the results!

Samples below:

  • Mountains (Misty Dawn) - fiddle and rhythm guitar tracks
  • Moonlight (Rick Taylor) - cello solo
  •  Dreamers (Cousin Moon) - ​cello solo at 2:34, composed by the band with some input and interpretation from me. Some of the etherial sounds in the opening are harmonics on the cello, some natural and some with tape effects
  •  Much Too Much (Max Wareham) - ​Harmonic effects and cello lines on the verses of this track were improvised to create atmosphere
  •  Water of the Bay (Max Wareham) - ​Cello line starts at 0:40


Other recording credits: 

Yossis. The Sun Parade, 2012. Tracks 9 and 12 

Seed Gathering for a Winter Garden. Taarka, 2009.

Elephant Revival. Elephant Revival, 2008. Track 1.